Friday, January 30, 2015

Backtracking past simple silhouette

There had been such a film interpretation of the scene: two decades of doing housewife heroine accidentally re-encounter a student friend, so recall ever younger years, can not help but put her shirt simple skirt, before the mirror to hang around, into a dream-like "Girl dream".

Two Piece White Illusion Floor Length Chiffon A Line Prom Dress Cnm0153

Youth, is every woman's mind the most beautiful years of fond memories. Even long been accustomed to cover the bag hip and ankle length dress or skirt hollow high panties sex goddess who is also the resident with a heart wearing a pink tutu cute girl natural volume. Whenever opened the dazzling cloakroom, corner there will always be several sets but could not bear not often wear classic abandoned "soft money." They both are designed with the most simple and most refreshing contours.

US married bitch carries a dream for many years into the two piece prom dresses 2015, but also many years will become a virtuous housewife, but do not forget that before the prom or age, he loves that wearing a small skirt, Dengzhe small high-heeled lively girl, then you, with the most clear eye and a perfect dress: youth.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blame the mother "burst models

Easily turned pink lace nude spread the goods in the hands of Wishesbridal also showing a different face. Model punk style makeup with this feminine nude pink wedding presents visual collision, so you can not stop to look at.

Wishesbridal plus size evening dresses highlight of this three-dimensional metal printing design, the skirt almost "zero simplification", rely on three-dimensional printing to complete the design of their body hundred percent confident brides dare attempt.

Trendy White Strapless Floor Length Satin Trumpet Mermaid Prom Evening Dress Cpa0143

Fur and feathers applications can always bring an original sexy and charming, this dress Wishesbridal avatar will sexy interpretation to the extreme, the prospective brides can get waspish legs perfectly.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Romantic Gothic aesthetics

Prom season focuses on romance and Gothic design aesthetics. London's Westminster Abbey that was inspired by Notre Dame, designers are stained glass windows and the texture of the precious metal inspired inspiration. So gorgeous appearance, leaded glass and intricate carvings are interpreted as complicated lace and silk embroidery. Is worthy of admiration: outline romantic fan deep V neckline, sleeve hooded, shimmering ice blue collar lining and Empire temperament and angelic cuffs.

Hot Sale Red Sweetheart Floor Length Chiffon A Line Prom Evening Dress Cpa0133

Wishesbridal bring a bold stripe pattern in 2015 unique prom dresses week, layered veil, smooth lines and gradient colors. Ice blue dress features champagne and red brick and white classic joined them. Arcuate curvature of the level and removable skirts particularly prominent, and her eye-catching striped classic A-line skirt as full design sense. Designers intricate attention to detail from the edge of the decal and volumes appear in each piece of fabric, and each one is a classic.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Perfect in the eyes of the woman dress designers

Such as the fairy-tale fantasy romantic winter evening is every girl's heart for the perfect evening divine expectations. For the evening style, how should you choose cheap long evening dresses? Set thousands of pet in one of you, willing to do what a winter woman? If you want a completely different interpretation of the happy moments of their own, choose a beautiful evening, and then with winter style jewelry, accessories, enough to create the most romantic woman winter, following three LOOK, for your reference.

High Slit Black V Neck Floor Length Lace Sheath Column Prom Evening Dress Cpa0113

When it comes to first think of winter snow, sparkling snowflakes gives very romantic feeling, this is a unique romantic winter, choose a snowflake jewelry styling it, he will bring you a different feeling gorgeous. Alfred Angelo evening select the "Snow Queen" Elsa's styling is inspired by the classic light blue evening, evening decorations on this beautiful like flashes in the dim light snow. women, if not help but want to organize a "Frozen" theme evening out?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to dress and groom themselves

The wedding, the groom's dress is very important, not just a ritual, but also showed grace accomplishment groom, groom themselves so incomparable charm, but also allows the bride face full. Usually wear formal Western dress and groom, is modern and stylish suits, and a wide range of portable dazzling accessories to decorate the groom's bright, handsome.

The groom generally have the following accessories: neckties, pocket towel, cufflinks, tie, clip brooch and so on.

Tie: The most commonly used accessories, small changes in the first line of men, the tie is the most popular style to reflect, and now more and more rich color tie can be worn with different styles of dress;

Tie: the dress is also commonly used accessories. Small bow tie style has always been favored by the Americans, but one thing to note: that is, when not wearing a vest dress, girdle around his waist to be surrounded only decent;

Cufflinks: When wearing a long-sleeved shirt, buttoned at the cuffs of the shirt cufflinks use fixed sleeve so as not to be moved and so do also have beautiful decorative effect;

Pocket towel: If the dress chest pocket, be sure to use pocket towel, pocket towel and dress color can be selected to match the color;

Large scarf: Englishman wearing a formal tuxedo, almost all with a large scarf to match;

Dress shoes: As the saying goes, look to see foot from scratch. So groom his shoes can not be ignored, color groom dress shoes are mainly all black or all white, black and white mosaic dress shoes are also common, others to follow proper dress to match the color of the shoes, but it must be a bright cortical surface only in line with the formal etiquette.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas theme wedding

Although cold Christmas, but Christmas themed wedding to reflect the new world of tenderness, so the wedding although different angles in different styles, but more to highlight the intimate scenes based.

Christmas theme wedding Point 1
Christmas themed costume is adorable Red Hat, red shoes, red. Christmas theme wedding photography and should match up with the best way of clothing should be.
When the wedding photographs, clothing chiffon main body fabric should be properly on the waist, skirt, accessories and decorative Christmas elements, not only can make a Christmas theme wedding combined with a more natural, but also to make people feel Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas theme wedding Point 2
In shape, the new people in the photographer's guidance must take shape pendulum prettier, to create three-dimensional lighting effects, seize every wonderful moment. Especially in the snow, the kind of atmosphere is intense, listening to the familiar Christmas songs, looking chic Christmas tree, there is the Christmas atmosphere of the wedding dress, looking at the scenery the whole city was shrouded Christmas atmosphere, so that new people feel for the people around you are blessing the couple, feel that they are the happiest, the happiest.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to choose a suitable wedding accessories

Wearing jewelry: Jewelry and face: the face is one of the main basis for selection of earrings, jewelry worn on the face of a reasonable balance can play the role of modification.
Inverted triangle face: This face more pointed chin, suitable for wearing style "next big small" earrings, such as drop-shaped;
Triangle face: This face cheeks, forehead, narrow width, suitable for wearing earrings hanging decorated with style, you can lengthen the face;
Round face: Do not wear a ring-shaped earrings, so make your face look more round more; you can choose a long fall-type earrings to lengthen the line of sight, but close to her face to try to make earrings .

Jewelry and neck type
Short neck, choose a slightly slender necklace, which can increase the visual length of the neck, to avoid wearing a short, thick, hoop necklace around the neck, that would make the neck look shorter; long neck , and short neck opposite people, these people wear a neck collar twenty-three string necklace or collar would look good, and the choice too
Long necklace will make you into a "giraffe."
Rings and hand type
Long thin fingers: This is the most enviable, because wearing anything nice, especially the larger diamond rings or other jewelry can make your finger off even more beautiful; ring ring should be selected broadside; short and flat fingers: gemstone rings on to choose is longer than the transverse vertical, such as egg-shaped ring face, this will enhance the sense of slender fingers; rings to choose the narrow side of the ring.