Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to choose a suitable wedding accessories

Wearing jewelry: Jewelry and face: the face is one of the main basis for selection of earrings, jewelry worn on the face of a reasonable balance can play the role of modification.
Inverted triangle face: This face more pointed chin, suitable for wearing style "next big small" earrings, such as drop-shaped;
Triangle face: This face cheeks, forehead, narrow width, suitable for wearing earrings hanging decorated with style, you can lengthen the face;
Round face: Do not wear a ring-shaped earrings, so make your face look more round more; you can choose a long fall-type earrings to lengthen the line of sight, but close to her face to try to make earrings .

Jewelry and neck type
Short neck, choose a slightly slender necklace, which can increase the visual length of the neck, to avoid wearing a short, thick, hoop necklace around the neck, that would make the neck look shorter; long neck , and short neck opposite people, these people wear a neck collar twenty-three string necklace or collar would look good, and the choice too
Long necklace will make you into a "giraffe."
Rings and hand type
Long thin fingers: This is the most enviable, because wearing anything nice, especially the larger diamond rings or other jewelry can make your finger off even more beautiful; ring ring should be selected broadside; short and flat fingers: gemstone rings on to choose is longer than the transverse vertical, such as egg-shaped ring face, this will enhance the sense of slender fingers; rings to choose the narrow side of the ring.

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