Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How to dress and groom themselves

The wedding, the groom's dress is very important, not just a ritual, but also showed grace accomplishment groom, groom themselves so incomparable charm, but also allows the bride face full. Usually wear formal Western dress and groom, is modern and stylish suits, and a wide range of portable dazzling accessories to decorate the groom's bright, handsome.

The groom generally have the following accessories: neckties, pocket towel, cufflinks, tie, clip brooch and so on.

Tie: The most commonly used accessories, small changes in the first line of men, the tie is the most popular style to reflect, and now more and more rich color tie can be worn with different styles of dress;

Tie: the dress is also commonly used accessories. Small bow tie style has always been favored by the Americans, but one thing to note: that is, when not wearing a vest dress, girdle around his waist to be surrounded only decent;

Cufflinks: When wearing a long-sleeved shirt, buttoned at the cuffs of the shirt cufflinks use fixed sleeve so as not to be moved and so do also have beautiful decorative effect;

Pocket towel: If the dress chest pocket, be sure to use pocket towel, pocket towel and dress color can be selected to match the color;

Large scarf: Englishman wearing a formal tuxedo, almost all with a large scarf to match;

Dress shoes: As the saying goes, look to see foot from scratch. So groom his shoes can not be ignored, color groom dress shoes are mainly all black or all white, black and white mosaic dress shoes are also common, others to follow proper dress to match the color of the shoes, but it must be a bright cortical surface only in line with the formal etiquette.

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